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Delivering estate maintenance services to support ADF operations today & into the future

Defence facilities are diverse in nature, spread across vast regions, with complex activities requiring experience and understanding of the stringent procedures from a safety and environmental perspective.

Our teams are dedicated to fostering collaborative relationships with our contract partners in order to deliver services that support ADF operations today as well as Australia’s future defence infrastructure.

Mowing, Slashing, Spraying

Weed and feral animal control

Bushfire Mitigation Services

We are one of the largest providers of estate maintenance support services to the Defence of Department through their various facility managers. We have over 20 years of experience providing vegetation management services such as professional arborists, weed and feral animal programme preparation and execution, as well as modern plant and equipment to support our ADF.

We have significant experience partnering with facility managers providing garrison support services and would invite discussions on your current or future Defence support requirements.

Provider of Estate Maintenance and Operations Services (EMOS) for the Australian Defence Force