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Water Industry

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Australia is one of the largest and driest continents on earth, yet every day the Australian Water Industry produces and delivers to its customers safe and reliable water that meets or exceeds world standards. In achieving these outcomes, the Australian Water industry must contend with a geographically dispersed and growing population, aging infrastructure, rising costs and the uncertainty of climate change and its impact on long lead-time capital intensive infrastructure.

To both maintain service levels and improve business outcomes, the water industry must find sustainable partnerships that create innovation and value. Our approach is built on the establishment of long-term, sustainable and trusted partnerships with our customers and our supply chains alike. We actively invest in our people, our systems and processes, and enabling technology with an unwavering commitment to safety, quality, value and innovation.

Reduced risks

Increased safety

Reduced costs


Better Compliance

Increased community satisfaction

By investing with a long-term view and working with our partners, ETS can improve productivity, quality and value while ensuring safety and reducing total cost for your network. For specific experience and capabilities refer to our metering services. 

Our approach is built on the establishment of long-term, sustainable & trusted partnerships