Metering Services

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Metering Services

Providing a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary range of metering services

We offer a comprehensive and multidisciplinary range of metering services, covering electrical, plumbing, and civil works. Our metering service specialisations include:

Digital Metering installation and commissioning

Water Meter Testing services, including in-situ testing

Embedded Networks

Plumbing compliance audits

Aged Meter Replacements

Meter maintenance & troubleshooting, including digital technology

Services include domestic, commercial, & industrial connections

AMR/AMI Installation and Maintenance

Meter Reading

Backflow Prevention Device Testing & Replacement

Plumbing Hardware Supply

Community Fill stations

As a technology agnostic service provider, we are uniquely positioned to roll out your smart meter digital transformation

Digital Metering

We are the perfect partner for your digital transformation project

Great digital outcomes for our customers are not just reliant on the selected technology or the products, they require skilled, adaptive, and responsive people and the processes to ensure the required customer outcomes. This requirement embodies our approach as we are fully embracing the digital change that is transforming our industry.

The rate of change and the business drivers may be different for every Utility, but significant change is happening, and it will continue. During this time of transformation many customers will operate old and new metering systems and processes concurrently while also needing to improve business outcomes, including customer service levels.

We have skills and experience working with a broad range of mixed metering solutions that include manual, walk-by/drive-by, and AMR/AMI. Our technicians are skilled in sourcing and providing solutions to connect a broad range of existing and legacy metering technologies to the customers chosen AMR/AMI technologies.

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