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Experts in Bulk Lamp Replacement Projects & Planned Maintenance

We have become experts in LED bulk lamp replacement projects by partnering with numerous local authorities and power networks.

There are approximately 2.28 million street lighting lamps in service in Australia, with around 33% on main roads and 67% on local roads.  We have successfully delivered dozens of LED bulk lamp replacement projects with Power Utilities and Councils across Australia.

ETS were a key partner in successfully delivering the Watts Working Better project.  Our partnering approach delivered important community outcomes through its recycling component, whereby almost 98.5 per cent of old lights were diverted from landfill and instead dismantled and recycled. This recycling program also provided people with a disability the opportunity to gain pre-vocational skills and social connection.

Find out more on our contribution to the hugely successful Watts Working Better project.

Street lighting keeps our communities safer

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