Vegetation Management

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Vegetation Management ensures the reliability of essential services

For ETS, smart workforce management is connecting our operations to outcomes with the most impact.

We use a range of digital platforms which allocate specialist crews to manage these operations and provide solutions Australia wide.

Our integrated vegetation management approach reduces risks and costs whilst improving public safety, compliance, and the reliability of essential services.

Backed by our industry experience and state of the art plant and equipment, our skilled workforce can deliver a best practice vegetation management program in any
given situation whilst complying with all health, safety and environmental regulations and requirements.

Powerline Tree Trimming & Removal

Herbicide Control Programs

Slashing and Spraying



Bushfire Mitigation

Arborist Services

Landscape Maintenance

Mechanical Clearing

Hazard Tree Assessment & Removal

Disaster Response and Recovery

tractor slashing

Reduced risks

Increased safety

Reduced costs


Better Compliance

Increased community satisfaction

Our approach to vegetation management will improve your overall safety, compliance & customer satisfaction